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dForce Mistress Malefica Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s) with Poses and Scepter


If you like your royalty wicked and powerful, then buckle up Princess Buttercup… Its time to get med-evil.Inspired by the Evil Queens and Sorceresses we all know and love (to hate), this outfit offers a unique balance of wickedry, fantasy, sexy and medieval elements to give you a memorable dress fit for a powerful tyrant. But if evil is not your taste, well… you can use it strictly for medieval renders too. It has the unique ability to work on a more neutral level, via the omission of more evil parts.

7 unique texture sets are included, which loosely correspond to the 7 deadly sins. Each texture included capitalizes on its theme, from color to decoration. How you spin their unique powers and wardrobe is entirely up to you!

And you have the power to make the outfit work different ways, besides, as it was built to kitbash. This whittles down to the scantiest bikini and runs the gamut to the full bejeweled load. You can turn off individual cloths on the skirt, to tailor it specifically to your needs.

This fantastical garb also gives you dForce Power! It is rigged for traditional posing as all my sets have always been, but is also dForce compliant.

Also included is an evil scepter. There are two versions of the scepter, the first boasting a serpent’s eye. An alternate version will give you a magic orb instead of a snake’s eye (for a less evil vibe)

Along with the scepter are included poses, half which are magic casting styled poses and the other half which work with the scepter. All of them also control the cloth movements on the outfit, and movements on the hair should you own that set (but it is not required to own it, to use the poses)






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