dForce Neolithic Outfits for Genesis 8 Male

A set of primitive fur clothing using dForce and strand based hair. Using strand based hair on clothing seems to require a different approach to using the clothing items, detailed below.


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Make sure you have dForce Starter Essentials (free from Daz) installed. Strand based hair will throw up an error without it.

To use Neolithic fur clothing:

Double click the clothing item to load. It will not automatically parent to the target figure. Select the clothing item in the Scene menu and use the ‘fit-to’ option from the right-click dropdown. Select the target figure making sure ‘Parent to Target is checked. Click Accept and the clothing will be parented to figure. The figure can now be moved, posed, and dForced. IMPORTANT: The strand based hair for the fur will appear in your scene menu as a separate item, with an icon of three wavy lines. The hair is not parented to clothing item by design, because doing so frequently causes unexpected movements of the hair vs. the clothing, particularly if the figure is moved in the scene. It will move with the clothing during poses, dForce, etc. as long as it is NOT parented to the clothing.

Note that strand based hair will NOT appear in an iray preview window. It will appear in preview if line tesselation is turned on in its parameters tab, or in a render.

Three basic fur types, black brown, and grey, are included. They are available as indivdual clothing items rather than material options. Uses dForce for a more realistic draping to the posed figure. The fur will follow the draping cloth.

Plain leather versions without the fur effect are included in the ‘leather only’ subdirectory. These items can be loaded in the usual fashion by selecting the target figure and doubleclicking the clothing item to automatically parent to the target.

Bow and Arrow (with draw morphs)
Flint Dagger
Copper Axe
Hunting belt as a wearable preset, including a belt quiver and the flint dagger sheathed on the opposite hip.
All have parented poses for placement in the figure’s hand.

Two poses for the bow, full body and upper body only.
The bow will have to be morphed manually to fit each pose.

Daz Studio 4

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Male

Accessories for Poser and Daz Studio



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