dForce Rebel Princess for Genesis 8 Female(s)


The Rebel Princess Outfit is a large set delivering 9 individual items of clothing and accessories. It offers a pair of highly adorned shoes, decorated metal wraps for thighs and upper arms, a choker and sturdy wrist plates. The main pieces of the outfit are the asymmetrical long skirt with decorated hem and the asymmetrical poncho over the left shoulder, also with decorated hem and metal clamps to keep it in place. A top piece and panties built from metal plates and cloth complete the set.

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Both bra and panties have multiple material zones and many plates and cloth pieces have individual adjustment morphs. This way you can turn parts of these invisible using opacity and then adjust the remaining parts to avoid floating elements. Great for kit bashing with other outfits.

The skirt and poncho simulate using dForce technologie, but have been built in way that prevents them from becoming paper thin. The hems show actual thickness even before details are applied.

All pieces support a large amount of DAZ Original figures with custom sculpted body morphs. Beyond that the Bra supports many Genesis 8 Female chest morphs as well es Zev0’s Breast Control Morphs. You can build nearly any chest shape without major distortions.

The metal applications on accessories and clothing come with two types of gold materials and one silver material. The cloth parts have multiple patterns and colors available.

While the design was inspired by a popular Sci-Fi saga it has grown beyond that and works well in both science fiction and fantasy scenes.









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