dforce Simply Sweet Nightie

Here is a cute new nightie for your Genesis 8 Females. You get:

1 Nightie
1 Underwear

Try Bluehost its fast

Each has 6 material options

Usage Tips & Limitations:

If the clothing deforms or has poke through upon loading certain body morphs adjust the smoothing iterations, after simulation. If this does not correct the issue follow these steps:

1)Load G8F & clothes
2)In the Timeline set it to 45 Frames
3)Frame 0-set a new keyframe-wait till it’s done processng
4)Move triangle to Frame 30,load in body shape or morph & pose
5)Set another keyframe here
6)Move triangle back to 0
7)On Simulation Settings tab-make sure Start Bones are set to Off & Frame set to Animated(Use Timeline Play Range)
8)Click on Simulate

If the clothing “explodes” during simulation, select the clothing under Scene, got to Surfaces, set the Dynamic Strength to .90, often times that fixes the issue.

The package was tested using DAZ Studio 4.12 with dforce & Iray.

This package WILL NOT work in Poser

You are not allowed to give this package away as a gift or share it.

Daz Studio 4.10 (required for dForce)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio



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