dForce SsR Art Drape Robe for Genesis 3 and 8


A set of dForce robes inspired by classical art and meant to frame the model and create those dramatic, complex draping folds so favored by the masters.

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The model contains the “arms down” JCM set as well as arms down pose but is meant to be used with dForce, considering the complexity of the folds the use without dForce is limited to portrait shots with little to no elbow movement.

Of course art is not the only use of them, the robes are flexible and can be used to create both homey look and, with other clothing items, outdoor outfits.

The textures provided are set up with both fantasy, contemporary and sci-fi renders in mind, and the “color change” texture options allow the user to pick any color they like for the robes.

Usage tips and a detailed tutorial (in pictures) for dForce simulationΒ are included.

Dress up your models, wizards or idle emperors with this set!









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