dforce StreetSmarts G8

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dforce StreetSmarts G8F

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It’s all in the Hood!
β€’ 1 dforce Hoodie
β€’ 1 Pair of pants

-Hoodie & Pants:
β€’ 4 Mat Presets Easy to See
β€’ IRAY Material Presets only

β€’ 1 Partial Mat Preset Hood Off

β€’ 7 Dynamic 1 click RESTORE 1 Click Dynamic
β€’ 6 Hair Fits RESTORE Hair fits
β€’ 4 1 click DNS (**including 1 for Take Ten Hanger) RESTORE DNS
β€’ Dynamic Restore & All Morphs Restore & All 1 Click Restore & Restore Hair fits & Restore Hood Adjustments

β€’ 4 Surface Presets Default Free
β€’ 6 Partial Surface Presets

β€’ 9 Dynamic 1 click RESTORE Special
β€’ 5 1 click DNS (**including 1 for Take Ten Hanger) RESTORE DNS
β€’ Dynamic Restore & All Morphs Restore & All 1 Click Restore
β€’ Hoodie Optimized G8F:

β€’ Pants Optimized G8F:

The others will fit through AutoFollow and/or with the help of the dynamic morphs.
β€’ Hoodie Dynamic Morphs:
AdesHair Fit Helper
All Expand
ArmInnerL Adjust
ArmInnerL Adjust2
ArmInnerR Adjust
ArmInnerR Adjust2
Back Adjust
BreastL Adjust
BreastL Show
BreastLSide Out-In
BreastLSide Out-In2
BreastLSide Out-In3
BreastR Adjust
BreastR Show
BreastRSide Out-In
BreastRSide Out-In2
BreastRSide Out-In3
Breasts Adjust1
Breasts Adjust2
Breasts Show
CetoHair Fit Helper
Cuff Short-Long
CuffL Adjust
CuffL Sides Adjust
CuffL Tight
CuffR Adjust
CuffR Sides Adjust
CuffR Tight
DNS Hood Hang
DNS Hood To Floor
DNS Hood To Floor2
DNS HoodHang Take10
ElbowL Adjust
ElbowR Adjust
EnaHair Fit Helper
Fit Closer
Fit Top
ForeArmBottomL Adjust
ForeArmBottomL Adjust2
ForeArmBottomR Adjust
ForeArmBottomR Adjust2
ForeArmL Adjust
ForeArmR Adjust
Front Forward
Front Open
Front Raise
Front Up
GeorgiaHair Fit Helper
Hood Change
Hood Change2
Hood Change3
Hood Change4 Raised
Hood Change4
Hood Change5
Hood Down
Hood Move to Front
Hood PullTight
Hood PullTightOpen
Hood Sides Pull Back
Hood Sides Pull Back2
Hood Squeeze
HoodBack Adjust
HoodBack Smooth
HoodBackBottom Pull Down
HoodBackCenter Pull
HoodBackMiddle Adjust
HoodBackTop Adjust
HoodBottomFront Adjust
HoodBottomoFrontSides Adjust
HoodBottomoFrontSides Adjust2
HoodFrontBottomL PullBack
HoodFrontBottomR PullBack
HoodFrontL Out-In
HoodFrontMiddleL Adjust
HoodFrontMiddleR Adjust
HoodFrontR Out-In
HoodFrontSides Adjust
HoodMiddleSides Adjust
HoodSides Adjust
HoodTop Adjust
HoodTop Adjust2
HoodTop Forward Up
HoodTop Forward Up2
HoodTopFront Adjust
HoodTopFront Adjust2
HoodTopFront Adjust3
HoodTopSides Adjust
HoodTopSides Adjust2
HoodTopSides Adjust3
LindaPonyTailHair Fit Helper
PunkyShortHair Fit Helper
Shoulders Adjust
Sides Loose
SleeveL Up
SleeveR Up
Sleeves Enlarge
Sleeves Tight

β€’ Pants Dynamic Morphs:
All Expand
Crotch Adjust
CuffFrontL Down
CuffFrontL In
CuffFrontR Down
CuffFrontR In
Cuffs High
Cuffs Raise Tight
Cuffs Smooth
CuffsBack Out-In
CuffsFront In-Out
DNS Pants Folded
DNS Pants Hang
DNS Pants To Floor
DNS Pants To Floor2
DNS PantsHang Take10
Front Down
Front Down2
GluteL Show
GluteR Show
Glutes Adjust
Glutes Show
Hide 4 Boots
Hide 4 Hi Boots
Legs Up
On Hips
Short 4 Ankle Boots
SideL Down
SideR Down
Slightly Down-Up
ThighInnerTop Connect
ThighInnerTop Pull-Push
ThighInnerTopL Pull-Push
ThighInnerTopR Pull-Push
ThighsInner Connect
dforce is required to use this product.

† The complete content is shown in the promotional images above however all possible variations are not.†

Please see Read me for important simulation and surface preset info and to get the best out of this product.

!USE the surface presets for best results.

Rendered in DAZ Studio 4.11 IRAY
No touch-ups.

† Only the Hoodie and Pants are included.†

Thank you for your interest in my products.

Promo Credits:
Gina G8F & Tilly G8F by P3D @ DAZ
Imogen G8F by P3D
Coira Hair, Ceto Hair, Georgia Hair & Ena Hair by Prae
Ades Hair & Alpha Moikana by SAV
Linda Pony Tail by outoftouch
Short Punky Hair by RPublishing
PinUp Session G8 by Danie & Marforno
Badass Women by Danie & Marforno
Jolie Heels by Danie & Marforno
Country Fresh Boots, Blue Angel Boots, Fads Tennis Shoes, Complete Anarchy & Night Guard Boots by RPublishing
Nyx Dark Mist Boots by Rhiannon
Poses by Danie

Β©nirvyproductions 2003-2019

Software: Β 
DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M), Daz Studio 4.10 (required for dForce)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio



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