dForce UltraSkin Bodysuit for Genesis 8 Females


This product is a starter-pack for your Genesis 8 Females, which contains one versatile bodysuit and a LOT of added 4K resolution (4096 x 4096) textures. This bodysuit comes with materials that can turn it into lacy body-stockings or a high fantasy full-body armor set or some post-apocalyptic comfort wear to even cursed zombie type second-skins.
Whatever your Genesis Model’s needs are, there is a good chance this suit will have that covered.
And this Bodysuit is ready for dForce simulations, which will allow you to stretch, pull and drape the bodysuit as you wish.

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Nearly all the materials here have been created with greyscale textures, which mean that even though this product comes with 34 texture presets already created for one click loading…you will also be able to change the fabric’s color by a single dial of a parameter to create as many color combinations as your heart desires.

The product promos shown here are created inside Daz Studio using Iray, and they only show some of the textures that are included in this base product pack. And while 34 materials might seem like a few too many materials, there are already plans to create many more texture pack expansion sets for this product that cover inner wear, Sci-Fi, everyday wear, dark fantasy, high fantasy and many other genres alongside adding more complimentary morphing options.

The bodysuit comes with Shaping and Fitting morphs and it can conform to most Genesis 8 shapes via auto-fit and dForce simulation.









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