Drab to Fab System Geometric


Do you have some clothing that you’ve used time and time again, and it’s getting old? Would you like to add an extra touch to that fun hair? Or maybe that room can use a bit of a “face lift”? Rejoice! PTF Drab to Fab System is a comprehensive bundle of Iray shader presets to add a variety of exciting effects to any surface.

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There are 93 geometric patterns which make up the base for a total of 854 overlay, gloss, translucency, metallic flakes, cutout, emission, bump and normal map presets to be used separately or in combinations. They are sure to breathe new life into your old content.

But this is not just a collection of patterns. To spice things up we included 100 colour maps for both metallic flakes and overlay presets to escape that boring flat look.

“Oof! But this is a massive and unwieldy pack! So difficult to navigate through all the folders…” We hear you! That’s why we supply you with a unique script to bring EVERYTHING in this set into one super convenient window!









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