DTG Studios Jayne for G8 Female

Jayne for G8 is an new iteration of my Previous Jayne character. She has an all new custom face morph combined with DAZ’s Genesis 8 female face morphs. Her body was sculpted by carefully tweaking DAZ’s Genesis 8 female morphs which means better clothing compatibility. Her base texture is all new, too. In fact, the only thing that remains the same is the full body tattoos which are now LIE. There’s an all new elf ears morph and texture, too (Since the tatts are now LIE, you can apply them over the elf texture if you want!)

This product includes:

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• JayneG8 INJ/REM
• JayneG8 Head INJ/REM
• JayneG8 Body INJ/REM
• Jayne Nipples INJ/REM
• Jayne Long, Medium & Short Nails Morphs
• All Skin/Eye Textures, Bump, SSS & Specularity Maps
• LIE Full Body Tattoos
• Elf Ears Morph
• Elf Skin/Lash Materials
• 10 Eyecolors
• 9 Makeups & No Makeup
• 9 Lipcolors & Bare
• Metallic Eyeshadow Shader
• 4 Eye Reflections & No Reflection
• 10 Nailcolors & Plain
• Plain & Mascara Lashes
• Gloss, Super Gloss & Matte Lip Shaders
• Glossy, Sweaty & Matte Skin Shaders
• 2 LIE Eyeliners
• LIE Pubic Hair
• Genital Materials

DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Requirements:  DAZ’s Genesis 8 Female Head & Body Morphs

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