DTG Studios Zoe for G8 Female

Zoe is next in my line of badass women. She has a custom face morph combined with DAZ’s Genesis 8 female face morphs. Her body was sculpted by carefully tweaking DAZ’s Genesis 8 female morphs which means better clothing compatibility. She has 10 unique eye colors to choose from, 9 different lip colors plus plain with matte, glossy and super glossy shaders, 9 makeup options plus no makeup, 2 lash options, a metallic eyeshadow shader, 2 LIE eyeliner options, 10 nailcolors plus bare, 4 eye reflection options plus no added reflection, genital MAT, pubic hair/no pubic hair options. There’s an elf ears morph and elf skin/glitter geo shell. She also has 4 custom expressions included.

This product includes:

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• Zoe Head INJ/REM
• Zoe Body INJ/REM
• Zoe Nipples INJ/REM
• Zoe Long, Medium & Short Nails Morphs
• All Skin/Eye Textures, Bump, SSS & Specularity Maps
• Elf Ears Morph
• Elf Skin/GeoShell Glitter
• 4 Custom Expressions plus Zero
• 10 Eyecolors
• 9 Makeups & No Makeup
• 10 Lipcolors & Bare
• Metallic Eyeshadow Shader
• 4 Eye Reflections & No Reflection
• 10 Nailcolors & Plain
• Plain & Mascara Lashes
• Gloss, Super Gloss & Matte Lip Shaders
• Glossy, Sweaty & Matte Skin Shaders
• 2 LIE Eyeliners
• LIE Pubic Hair
• Genital Materials

DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Requirements:  DAZ’s Genesis 8 Female Head & Body Morphs

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