DWD Pinto Overlays for the HiveWire Horse

A set of 18 different pinto patterns in LIE format that allow you to turn and of the HW Horse coats into pinots Compatible with DAZ Studio 4.12

Ever wanted to turn that chestnut into a pinto? What about the black or even the bay? Well now you can! Pintos of every color and pattern for the HiveWire Horse, just waiting to gallop through your renders.

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No longer will you be limited to just one or two patterns or have your herds looking like clones – these overlays provide a wide range of mix and match options for you. Each pattern comes with the option of dark or pale muzzles and eye patches. There are 3 mixed tail options, plus 1 specifically for the short/foal tail. Also includes 6 fetlock and 9 mane overlays to match coats where applicable (plus one general mixed coat option), and 4 eye options – Blue, Brown, and mixed left-right sets.

The set has 5 forms of Pinto coat patterning generally recognised around the world, (though not all are considered registrable with all Pinto Societies): Overo, Tobiano, Splashed White, Tovero and Sabino. The origins of the names of coat patterns are as varied as the patterns themselves. One, for example, comes from a Cavalry general who favored horses with one particular coat pattern for his troops, using Spanish words meaning speckled or mottled. While these names may not mean anything to the average person, I have used them to give some categorization to the coat patterns I have offered in this pack.

What’s Included & Features

  • Materials (.duf)
    • Eyes
      • Blue Left-Brown Right
      • Blue Right-Brown Left
      • Blue
      • Brown
    • LIE Presets
      • Fetlocks1
      • Fetlocks2
      • Fetlocks3
      • Fetlocks4
      • Fetlocks5
      • Fetlocks6
      • Mane Overo3
      • Mane Sabino2
      • Mane Splash1
      • Mane Streaks
      • Mane Tobi1
      • Mane Tobi2
      • Mane Tobi3
      • Mane Tovero1
      • Mane Tovero2
      • Mane Tovero3
      • Mixed Tail1
      • Mixed Tail2-Short
      • Mixed Tail2
      • Mixed Tail3
      • Overo1
      • Overo1a
      • Overo2
      • Overo2a
      • Overo3
      • Overo3a
      • Sabino1
      • Sabino1a
      • Sabino2
      • Sabino2a
      • Sabino3
      • Sabino3a
      • Splash1
      • Splash1a
      • Splash2
      • Splash2a
      • Splash3
      • Splash3a
      • Tobaino1
      • Tobaino1a
      • Tobaino2
      • Tobaino2a
      • Tobaino3
      • Tobaino3a
      • Tovero1
      • Tovero1a
      • Tovero2
      • Tovero2a
      • Tovero3
      • Tovero3a
SKU 12064
Genre Contemporary
Compatible Figures HiveWire Horse
Compatible Software DAZ Studio 4.12
Release Date Dec 3, 2019
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio



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