Ears Morphs for G8M

Ears Morphs for Genesis 8 Male is a package of 71 individually sculpted ears, saved as morphs for G8M
55 ears types
16 for adjustments
Ear 01.dsf
Ear 02.dsf
Ear 03.dsf
Ear 04.dsf
Ear 05.dsf
Ear 06.dsf
Ear 07.dsf
Ear 08.dsf
Ear 09.dsf
Ear 10.dsf
Ear 11.dsf
Ear 12.dsf
Ear 13.dsf
Ear 14.dsf
Ear 15.dsf
Ear 16.dsf
Ear 17.dsf
Ear 18.dsf
Ear 19.dsf
Ear 20.dsf
Ear 21.dsf
Ear 22.dsf
Ear 23.dsf
Ear 24.dsf
Ear 25.dsf
Ear 26.dsf
Ear 27.dsf
Ear 28.dsf
Ear 29.dsf
Ear 30.dsf
Ear 31.dsf
Ear 32.dsf
Ear 33.dsf
Ear 34.dsf
Ear 35.dsf
Ear 36.dsf
Ear 37.dsf
Ear 38.dsf
Ear 39.dsf
Ear 40.dsf
Ear 41.dsf
Ear 42.dsf
Ear 43.dsf
Ear 44.dsf
Ear 45.dsf
Ear 46.dsf
Ear 47.dsf
Ear 48.dsf
Ear 49.dsf
Ear 50.dsf
Ear 51.dsf
Ear 52.dsf
Ear 53.dsf
Ear 54.dsf
Ear 55.dsf
Ear Bend.dsf
Ear Big 01.dsf
Ear Big 02.dsf
Ear Left Bigger.dsf
Ear Left Rotate.dsf
Ear Right Bigger.dsf
Ear Right Rotate.dsf
Ear Rotate 01.dsf
Ear Rotate 02.dsf
Ear Rotate 03.dsf
Ear Rotate 04.dsf
Ear Rotate 05.dsf
Ears Out 01.dsf
Ears Out 02.dsf
Ears Out 03.dsf
Ears Out 04.dsf

DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Try Bluehost its fast

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Male

Requirements:  DAZ Studio 4.9 and above, Poser not tested

3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio



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