Easy Flex – Muscularity Morphs for Genesis 8 Female and Merchant Resource


This morph pack contains muscularity morphs for the interesting muscles of the human body when it comes to flexing and defined muscles, like biceps, quadriceps, rectus abdominous, triceps, latissimus etc.

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Add some muscularity details and more defined muscles to your Genesis 8 Female based characters. In the comparison promos, you can see nicely how the differences between the base figure with no morphs and with dialed in Easy Flex Morphs look and how the muscles get more defined.

Perfect for any kind of render where you need some flexed and defined muscles, like sports scenes, bodybuilding, fitness or just women with more or less defined muscles. Morphs can be dialed in step less of course to suit your needs. Whether you want just a little muscle definition or the bodybuilder type with well-developed muscles. All this can be realized with this set.

The muscles of the left and ride side can be controlled individually or together for more flexibility. Grouped controls for the whole body and body areas like chest, arms, legs etc. are included as well.

The morphs work with all Genesis 8 Female based characters.









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