Elevator For DS

Elevator for DAZ Studio

A heavily customised Steampunk (Dieselpunk or Victorian) themed elevator with iron work front and walls made of steel mesh, an interesting lighting and designed to fit inside the stairwell.
the elevator goes up and down, its doors open (on all floors) its control lever works and the lift operator stool is movable.
This set also has a series of skyscrapers lamps, propaganda posters and a huge television screen.
Ideal for your historical, action, romantic scene in Steampunk, Dieselpunk or Victorian themes.

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Sets of separable blocks.
Preset of Mesh Lights included.
10 Cameras.

Background, Clothing, Hairs, Character on images are NOT included!

This package contains:

Elevator ! Full Scene.duf (Scene Set)

Props :

E Cabin
E 2nd Floor
E Skyscraper Lamps
E Wall 04
E Wall 01
E Wall 02
E Wall 03
E Signs
E Roof
E Staircase
E Cage
E Front Ornaments
E Gate 01
E Gate 02
E Seat
E Frame Seat
E Crank

Materials Iray (.DUF)

Elevator ! Full Scene.duf

Textures Include:

138 Textures, specular, bump, normal and transparency maps (4096 x 4096 to 512 x 512 )

DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio



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