Elfen Wear for Dawn

What’s a roving Space Traveler to wear when exploring galaxies in the Great Beyond? Compatible with Poser 10

Designed exclusively for the daughter of Lyan, an Ancient House of Travelers, the Elfen line of space wear will keep your Traveler daughter warm, comfortable, and stylish.

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Elfen Wear includes conforming Boots (Left and Right), Briefs, Cap, Cincher, Crop Top, Leggings, Leotard, and Sleeves (Left and Right), and a dynamic Skirt. Clothing includes Adjustment morphs (Listed below)

Eleven texture sets are included for the Boots, Briefs, Cap, Cincher, Crop Top, Leggings, Leotard, Sleeves, and Skirt.

Materials are optimized for the Firefly Render Engine.

Requires Dawn.

What’s Included & Features

  • Models (.obj, .cr2, .pp2)
    • Conforming Boots (Left and Right)
    • Conforming Briefs
    • Conforming Cap
    • Conforming Cincher
    • Conforming Crop Top
    • Conforming Leggings
    • Conforming Leotard
    • Conforming Sleeves (Left and Right)
    • Prop Skirt
  • Adjustment Morphs
    • Lyan BootL
      • Loosen Leg
    • Lyan BootR
      • Loosen Leg
    • Lyan Briefs
      • Loosen Hip
      • Loosen Left Leg
      • Loosen Right Leg
    • Lyan Cap
      • Curl Up Cap
      • Flatten Cap
      • Lengthen Cap
      • Narrow Cap
    • Lyan Cincher
      • Loosen Cincher
    • Lyan Crop Top
      • Loosen Top
    • Lyan Leggings
      • Fit Leotard
      • Fit Left Boot
      • Fit Right Boot
      • Loosen Hip
      • Loosen Left Leg
      • Loosen Right Leg
      • Loosen Left Knee
      • Loosen Right Leg
    • Lyan Leotard
      • Loosen Neck
      • Loosen Arms
      • Loosen Breasts
      • Loosen Glutes
      • Loosen Hips
      • Loosen Back
      • Loosen Leotard
    • Lyan SleevesL
      • Loosen Hand
      • Loosen Shoulder
    • Lyan SleevesR
      • Loosen Hand
      • Loosen Shoulder
  • Materials (.mc6)
    • 11 matching material options for each of the 10 items (including the default color)
SKU 12043
Genre Fantasy
Compatible Figures Dawn
Compatible Software Poser 10 /Pro2014
Release Date Sep 20, 2019
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio



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