Ellithia 8 Pro Bundle


Ellithia 8 is powerful, confident, beautiful and bold. She illustrates all the style and character of an ancient goddess, whose capacity for benevolence or playful cruelty depends on the intention of those around her. Although her style and beauty are worthy of worship, she doesnโ€™t need or require it to assert her dominant confidence over her audience.

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The starter bundle takes Ellithia into the world of fantasy and art, while also showcasing the class and grandeur of ancient style. Her classic features match perfectly with her meticulously crafted outfits, and hair that is worthy of worship.

Skillful with a blade, adept at combat, and beautiful beyond words that a mere mortal could ever hope to conjure. The pro bundle for Ellithia (with painstakingly crafted battle wear and exquisite gown), thrusts her into a world where very few would challenge her charm and artistry.

Ellithia 8 measurements courtesy ofย Measure Metrics for Daz Studio:

  • Height: 5′ 10″ (178.3 cm)
  • Bust Circumference: 36.6″ (93.0 cm)
  • Waist Circumference: 29.7″ (75.5 cm)
  • Low Hip Circumference: 40.3″ (102.4 cm)
  • Ellithia 8
  • Ellithia 8 Starter Bundle
    • Amatista HD for Ellithia 8
    • Blackdawn Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s)
    • dForce Harmonia Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s)
    • Goddess Braids For Genesis 3 And 8 Females
    • Z Heroic Spirit Poses and Expressions for Genesis 8 Female and Ellithia 8
  • Lyssa for Ellithia 8
  • dForce Summer Muse Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s)
  • Iron Warrior for Genesis 8 Female(s)
  • Valeria Hair for Genesis 3 & 8 Female(s)
  • CDI Poses and Expressions for Ellithia 8 and Genesis 8 Female









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