Evos Day & Night

Project Evolution – thatΒ΄s a long name. I just call her Evo.
Evo now has some brand new wearables – all conforming.

You get a dress, a hat, pants and shoes. They can be cute dayware or take her through the night using the included textures. There are 4 of each and a default texture.

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Getting Evo to stand nicely is easy – she does come with a load of great poses. But getting her to sit in her new dress was what I really wanted to do. Posergirls stand around a lot I think – but this girl can sit too.

Sitting her down and then getting the adjustment morphs right can be done. But I am a bit of an impatient type – so each of the sitting and kneeling poses has a corrosponding morph in the dress – just to speed things up a bit.

Using the characters you will occasionally have to adjust the clothing but mostly not.

All items have morphs for sizing and fitting too.

Software: Β 
Poser 10 / Poser Pro 2014 , Poser Pro 11

Compatible figures: Project E

Required Products: Β 
Project Evolution Nice, Project Evolution ONE

Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio



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