Expression – A Masterclass on Facial Expression and Body Language

In this posing masterclass, Mary Wright shows high-value case studies for DAZ Studio that includes harmonizing the right body language with matching facial expressions. She’ll also demonstrate how characters interact with their body language, essential if you are rendering story scenes.

Learn how to use a good posing workflow and overcome trials with posing the more difficult parts of the body. Get to thoroughly understand the controls available in DAZ Studio to properly pose your character. Gain a better workflow for Posing.

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Mary Wright (Quixotry) shares her valuable experience of creating many successful pose sets sold in the DAZ 3D store.

Content Covered : (2 hours)

Body Language Case Studies:

  • Open/Confident/Comfortable
  • Closed-off/Anxious/Uncomfortable
  • Sad/Tired/Dejected
  • Happy/Energetic/Enthusiastic
  • Postures related to age
  • How to show exaggerated emotion through body language

Transforming Poses:

  • Start from a character projecting confidence and changing to closed off/shy.


  • Matching expressions to body language.
  • Show how expressions can complete a character’s look and tell a richer story.
  • How the wrong expression with the wrong body language can make the same scene confusing.
  • Subtle expressions versus strong expressions shown for different effects.

Interacting Pose Case Study #1: Parent and child

  • Walkthrough setting up the pose, explaining choices made in posture, arm and hand position as well as facial expressions.

Interacting Pose Case Study #2: Grandpa Toon Telling a Story

  • Show how to make Grandpa look like he’s in the middle of narrating an exciting story.
  • Show the child toon reacting: hanging on his words, showing enthusiasm and excitement.
  • Change the context from telling an exciting story to a scary story; showing the changes in gestures and expressions for both characters.

What’s Included and Features

  • Expression – A Masterclass on Facial Expression and Body Language: (.MP4)
    • 2 hour tutorial
    • 00:00 Introduction
    • 00:03 What emotion do you want to portray?
    • 00:05 Neutral standing poses
    • 00:07 Some point on using Power Pose
    • 00:09 Saving a pose or expression preset
    • 00:14 Open/Comfortable/Confident body language
    • 00:20 Changing toon character to Closed off/uncomfortable
    • 00:21 Expressing with the eyes
    • 00:24 Asymmetric expressions
    • 00:25 Switching to Genesis 8
    • 00:30 Hand body language: transforming to closed off/shy/sad
    • 00:35 Toon vs more real-world characters with more extreme expressions
    • 00:40 Posing fingers
    • 00:43 Toon in a panic mode running!
    • 00:50 Translating the same toon pose to a real-world character
    • 00:50 Question on mixed expressions
    • 00:55 Expression preset save example
    • 01:00 Postures and body language relating to age.
    • 01:05 Comparing Floyd (older), Toban (baby) and a teenage character
    • 01:10 Asymmetric observations on facial expressions with reference photos.
    • 01:15 Case study 1 : parent and child-parent sitting position
    • 01:20 Case study 1 : parent’s shoulders and arms
    • 01:25 Case study 1 : baby’s pose
    • 01:30 Case study 1 : Adjusting hand and fingers for holding
    • 01:35 Case study 1 : Characters looking at each other: look at me pose control
    • 01:40 Case study 2 : Toon grandpa toon telling a story to a child
    • 01:45 Case study 2 : Setting up the grandpa sitting pose
    • 01:50 Case study 2 : Setting up the child pose
    • 01:55 Case study 2 : Adjusting the story to a scary moment
    • 02:00 Case study 2 : How the look at me pose control works

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