Face and Body Morph Kit for Genesis 8 Female


Do you often wish for an infinite amount of original characters at your fingertips instead of using out of the box characters that you see in renders time after time but just don’t have the patience to create them yourself?

Try Bluehost its fast

The Face And Body Morph Kit for Genesis 8 female will give you almost unlimited character options, unique to you, with just a couple of clicks.

This kit will provide you with:

  • 30 ultra realistic mixable face dials and pre-sets.
  • 30 unique Body Shape presets.
  • Mix faces together to create infinite new characters.
  • Use with all other characters and morph targets for even more originality.
  • Create in moments with an intuitive system or customize in detail – it’s up to you.
  • Easy to find file structure.
  • Simple to use.

Each of the 30 face shapes can be mixed together in small or large increments to create a multitude of original faces for your characters. They can also be mixed with any other face morphs or characters that you have in your library to create even more original looks!

The Face and Body Morph Kit for Genesis 8 Female also comes with 30 preset body shapes that are inspired by the strongest women in Greek mythology to give your characters real identities and a sense of presence . Each body has been meticulously shaped to be strong and toned whether the body shape is petite or large.

Each face dial is also provided as a preset in the content library for creating instant characters.

This kit contains 30 instant faces, 30 mixable face dials and 30 body shape presets.

All the morphs are organized and named after strong women of Greek mythology and are easy to find and simple to use. Just look for ‘Ultra Morphs/Face And Body Kit’ in your shaping tab or scroll to ‘Actor/People/Face And Body Kit’ directly on the Genesis 8 Female figure.









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