Face Shapes for Genesis 8 Female


“Face Shapes for Genesis 8 Female” will allow you to create a huge variety of faces for Genesis 8 Female just in seconds.

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With over 80 morphs dials, you will be able to modify the face of your character quickly, changing eyes, mouth, nose, cheeks, brow, ears and jaw.

For easier use, shape presets were saved as well, just double click on it and the shape gets loaded. If you want even more variety just use the morphs dials, change the percentage of the morphs from 0% to 100% or combine them, it’s up to you.

Every shape preset was saved separately, this means that if you load a Mouth shape(For example) you won’t lose the eyes or nose shapes, this will let you mix them quickly to try different combinations and get thousands of faces in seconds. Additionally “reset” presets were included for each part of the face.

Expressions or other morphs can be used while the morphs of this pack are active.









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