Face Transfer Shapes for Genesis 8


Daz Studio 4.12 has introduced an exciting new feature called Face Transfer which allows users to generate characters from a single photograph. While this generally looks good from the front, the lack of profile information plus the need to flatten the face to project the image onto means that the morphs produced can look a little odd, especially when viewed from the side.

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Enter Face Transfer Shapes!. This restores the profile shape allowing the morphs produced to be more generally useful. There is a Main Fix for both Genesis 8 Males and Females which uses an average face shape to restore the correct depth information. Each then has a number of easy to use additional morphs based on ethnicity, age, and overall face shape, for you to fine-tune your characters to maximize the likeness. These adjustments have both positive and negative ranges for greater versatility and can also be applied to any other character to generate extra interesting variations.

All of the morphs are derived from extensive analysis of dozens of characters and the difference between the shapes generated by Face Transfer and how the geometry should look in real life. As such, each morph changes the whole face, leading to correct feature placement and more detail particularly around the nose and mouth areas.

Face Transfer Shapes makes an exciting tool even more useful to produce your own characters and likenesses with wonderful realism.

Note – the rendered examples have their textures edited where needed to remove artifacts and one of the Ultimate Eyes presets applied. No other morphs were used other than the output from Face Transfer and those supplied with Face Transfer Shapes.









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