Faces of the World – Northern Europeans for Genesis 8 Female

This character set is another in a series based on research into average faces from various countries and regions across the world.

Faces of the World – Northern Europeans for Genesis 8 Female is a treasure trove of characters, including twelve individually modeled heads, six eye colors, six body shapes, four skin tones, texture or mesh eyebrows with choice of color, six make-up sets with matching lip colors and nail varnishes, all of which can be mixed and matched for a huge variety of realistic-looking characters.

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There are twelve pre-set characters, one for each country represented, with a choice of eye color, skin tones, and body shapes for each, but these are easily customizable to create your own favorites. In this case, the average is certainly not ordinary!

I have also included a morph to make the faces thinner or rounder and there are subtle morphs applied to the teeth and eyelashes to improve realism (which can be individually disabled if required). As Northern Europeans and also the most likely to have freckles, I have included an option to add freckles to any of the skin tones, applying it twice (or more) deepens the effect.

You can also soften any of the make-ups or lipsticks, effectively doubling the number of looks, to achieve anything from a subtle definition around the eyes through to full-on Goth.

Faces of the World – Northern Europeans offers an amazing range of characters based firmly in reality – which one will be your favorite?

What’s Included and Features

  • Faces of the World – Northern Europeans for Genesis 8 Female: (.DUF)
    • Character Presets:
      • FOTW Belgian
      • FOTW Dutch
      • FOTW English
      • FOTW Finnish
      • FOTW French
      • FOTW German
      • FOTW Irish
      • FOTW Latvian
      • FOTW Norwegian
      • FOTW Scottish
      • FOTW Swedish
      • FOTW Welsh
    • Shaping Presets:
      • 12 Head Presets
      • 06 Body Presets
      • Clear Head Presets
      • Clear Body Shapes
  • Wearables
    • FOTW NEB Northern European Mesh Eyebrows
  • Materials Iray
    • FOTW NEB1 Light Brows
    • FOTW NEB2 Medium Brows
    • FOTW NEB3 Dark Brows
    • FOTW NEE1 Eyes Natural Blue
    • FOTW NEE2 Eyes Deep Blue
    • FOTW NEE3 Eyes Pale Blue
    • FOTW NEE4 Eyes Natural Grey
    • FOTW NEE5 Eyes Natural Green
    • FOTW NEE6 Eyes Natural Brown
    • FOTW NE Lashes Normal
    • FOTW NE Lashes Thick
    • FOTW NE LipGloss-None
    • FOTW NE LipGloss1
    • FOTW NE LipGloss2
    • FOTW NE LipGloss3
    • FOTW NE LipGloss4
    • FOTW NE Lipstick-None
    • FOTW NE Lipstick-Softer
    • FOTW NEL1 LipStick1
    • FOTW NEL2 LipStick2
    • FOTW NEL3 LipStick3
    • FOTW NEL4 LipStick4
    • FOTW NEL5 LipStick5
    • FOTW NEL6 LipStick6
    • FOTW NEM MU-None
    • FOTW NEM MU-Softer
    • FOTW NEM1 Make-Up 1
    • FOTW NEM2 Make-Up 2
    • FOTW NEM3 Make-Up 3
    • FOTW NEM4 Make-Up 4
    • FOTW NEM5 Make-Up 5
    • FOTW NEM6 Make-Up 6
    • FOTW NEN01 Nails Natural Tone 1
    • FOTW NEN02 Nails Natural Tone 2
    • FOTW NEN03 Nails Natural Tone 3
    • FOTW NEN04 Nails Natural Tone 4
    • FOTW NEN05 Nail Varnish 1
    • FOTW NEN06 Nail Varnish 2
    • FOTW NEN07 Nail Varnish 3
    • FOTW NEN08 Nail Varnish 4
    • FOTW NEN09 Nail Varnish 5
    • FOTW NEN10 Nail Varnish 6
    • FOTW Load All NE Textures With Brows
    • FOTW Load All NE Textures Without Brows
    • FOTW NET1 Skin Tone 1 Brows
    • FOTW NET2 Skin Tone 2 Brows
    • FOTW NET3 Skin Tone 3 Brows
    • FOTW NET4 Skin Tone 4 Brows
    • FOTW NET5 Skin Tone 1 No Brows
    • FOTW NET6 Skin Tone 2 No Brows
    • FOTW NET7 Skin Tone 3 No Brows
    • FOTW NET8 Skin Tone 4 No Brows
    • FOTW NETT1 Teeth White
    • FOTW NETT2 Teeth Natural
    • FOTW NEG1 Anatomical Elements Skin Tone1
    • FOTW NEG2 Anatomical Elements Skin Tone2
    • FOTW NEG3 Anatomical Elements Skin Tone3
    • FOTW NEG4 Anatomical Elements Skin Tone4
  • Textures Include:
    • 41 Texture, Bump, Sub-Surface Scatter, and Transparency Maps (4096 x 4096)
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 8 Female

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.12

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install




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