Fantasy Trapped Vault

The treasure of a lifetime lies in the Fantasy Trapped Vault, ready for the taking. All our heroes need to do is cross the hall and open the stone doors. But that’s easier said than done when the traps can spring at any time to catch unwary thieves…

Fantasy Trapped Vault is an interior environment complete with poisoned-dart traps, spiked pit trap, and door-lock blade traps, and treasure for the vault.

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The floor has 3 pressure plates that depress. The darts are grouped in offset positions to avoid being unnaturally regular when they shoot out – just grab a group and slide along the x-axis (dial labelled ‘shoot’ in the parameters tab).

9 floor tiles are individual props in a rectangle above the spiked pit. A hierarchical pose preset does the job of dropping the tiles for you (and another resets them).

The handle on the lock rotates with one dial and the 4 spiked blades move inwards with another dial.

On the vault doors is a riddle written in ancient Cuneiform script “The Moon Rises East; The Sun Sets West; The River Flows South; Scorpion Stings.” The vault doors slide open with gold, silver, and bronze options for the treasure, 4 color options for the gem, and ‘all gold’ and ‘mixed’ coin options for the coin chest. The chest has 3 pose files for the lid (‘on’, ‘leaning’, and ‘floor’).

The torch is included and comes with morphs for the flame and handheld presets for Genesis 8 Male and Female. The flame morphs are designed to be used in combination rather than individually. 3 Light planes and an optional tone-mapping preset completes the lighting. Depending on the camera position, deleting some of these lights will create more atmospheric shadows rather than an even light.

The set even comes with 7 cameras to get you started.

Do you dare challenge the traps of the Fantasy Trapped Vault to try and gain the treasure for yourself?

What’s Included and Features

  • Fantasy Trapped Vault (.DUF)
  • Preload: FTV !Preload All
  • Props:
    • FTV Environment
    • FTV Dart
    • FTV Torch+Bracket
    • FTV Treasure Group
      • Bowl 1
      • Bowl 2
      • Cup
      • Gem
      • Lampstand
      • Plate
    • FTV Treasure Chest (with coin plane layer and high-res coin pile layer)
    • FTV Coin Single
  • Wearable Presets:
    • FTV Torch Genesis 8 Female LH
    • FTV Torch Genesis 8 Female RH
    • FTV Torch Genesis 8 Male LH
    • FTV Torch Genesis 8 Male RH
  • FTV Cameras: 7 cameras
  • Morphs:
    • Torch Flame Height
    • Torch Flame Move
    • Torch Flame Top Wide
    • Torch Flame Wave 1
    • Torch Flame Wave 2
    • Torch Flame Wide
  • Render Settings:
    • FTV Tone Mapping Setting
    • FTV Tone Mapping Restore Defaults
  • Materials Presets:
    • Dart UV-1
    • Dart UV-2
    • Torch Flame
    • Torch no Flame
    • Treasure Bowls (Bronze, Silver, Gold)
    • Treasure Chest Coins All Gold
    • Treasure Chest Coins Mixed
    • Treasure Coin (Bronze, Silver, Gold)
    • Treasure Cup (Bronze, Silver, Gold)
    • Treasure Gem (Blue, Clear, Green, Red)
    • Treasure Lampstand (Bronze, Silver, Gold)
    • Treasure Plate (Bronze, Silver, Gold)
  • Pose Presets:
    • Floor Trap Pose
    • Floor Trap Reset Pose
    • Treasure Chest Lid Floor
    • Treasure Chest Lid Leaning
    • Treasure Chest Lid On
  • Textures Include:
    • 120 Texture, Bump, Opacity Maps (512×512) to (4096 x 4096)
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 8 Female, Genesis 8 Male

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.12

Install Types:

Daz Connect DIM Manual Install




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