FeralFey’s Foot Finesse Poses for Genesis 8


The foot is often overlooked in poses. Most people only notice whether the feet touche the ground plane or not, but the foot is very expressive and can help convey emotion and action to your renders. Give your Genesis 8 men and women the ability to use their entire bodies to effectively tell your stories.

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There are 22 two footed partial poses each, for Genesis 8 Females and Genesis 8 Males, plus 22 single foot partial poses for each foot for both models. In addition, there are default poses in both the two-footed and single footed options to reset the foot back to its default position. This is particularly helpful in situations when an outfit with high heeled shoes is applied, but then you want to use a flat-heeled shoe, but the foot pose controls won’t zero out. Using the default “flat foot” pose will remove the pose controlled pose, making it easier for you to use other shoes with less hassle!

As these are partial poses rather than full body poses, the foot poses are not guaranteed to put your model on the ground plane. You will need to adjust the hip “Y” translation after applying the foot pose of your choice.

As always, FeralFey poses are fact-checked for gravity, balance, and realism.









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