Fit other boots for Lyones dForce Number 04

This product requires Lyones Number 04 for G8M.

Fit other boots for Lyones Number 04 is a morph pack to fit Number 04 pants with several boots (see the list beneath).

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Number 04 fits very well with almost any shoes (see last 2 promos). You just have to dial the “Flare ankles” morph and it will fit 99% of shoes (Why 99%? Because the 100% rule doesn’t exist. When tested, I couldn’t find any shoes which didn’t work with Number 04).

To fit the pants to other boots is more complicated and can’t be done without morphs. This is a dForce outfit so you don’t have all Adj morphs you can find in a non dForce item. So I made all these fit morphs so you could fit the boots in one click. Just put the dial morph for the respective boot to 100% and you’re done. No need to tweak with shin and ankle morphs anymore.

The boots which can be fitted in one click are the following:
Alliance Defense Boots
Alpha Male Boots
Beast Master Boots
Bounty boots
Dark Prince Boots
Demon Master Boots
dForce Adventurer Knight Boots
dForce Biker Boots
dForce Gothic Prince Boots
dForce Hanfu Boots
dForce Hot Shot Boots
dForce Medieval Villager Boots
dForce Outsider Boots
dForce Wanderer Boots
Eastern Fantasy Boots
Grunge Boots
Hellfire Boots
Intergalactic Spy Boots
Lumberjack Boots
Obsidian Warrior Boots
Retro Aviator Boots
Templar Boot
Time Rogue Boots
Sci-Fi Settler Boots
Time Soldier Boots
Trail Running 4
Warrior King Boots.

Fit other boots for Lyones Number 04 contains the following items:

– 43 dial morphs.

For the following boots:
[Beast Master Boots, Dark Prince Boots, dForce Hot Shot Boots, dForce Medieval Villager Boots, Eastern Fantasy Boots, Grunge Boots, Lumberjack Boots, Retro Aviator Boots, Templar Boot, Time Rogue Boots, Trail Running 4, Warrior King Boots],
You can put the pants in these boots in one click. Just pick a boot and dial the respective green dial to 100% and you’re done.

For the following boots:
[Alliance Defense Boots, Alpha Male Boots, Bounty boots, Demon Master Boots, dForce Adventurer Knight Boots, dForce Biker Boots, dForce Gothic Prince Boots, dForce Hanfu Boots, dForce Outsider Boots, dForce Wanderer Boots, Hellfire Boots, Intergalactic Spy Boots, Obsidian Warrior Boots, Sci-Fi Settler Boots, Time Soldier Boots],
You have 2 options, to put the pants inside the boots (peach/pink dials) or outside the boots (purple dials). Just pick a boot and dial the respective pink or purple dial to 100% and you’re done.

The pants contains 43 fitting morphs. You will find them in Actor/Fit other boots in the Parameters tab.

– Pants (43 Morph dials):
Fit Beast Master Boots.dsf
Fit Dark Prince Boots.dsf
Fit dForce Hot Shot Boots.dsf
Fit dForce Medieval Villager Boots.dsf
Fit Eastern Fantasy Boots.dsf
Fit Grunge Boots.dsf
Fit in Alliance Defense Boots.dsf
Fit in Alpha Male Boots.dsf
Fit in Bounty boots.dsf
Fit in Demon Master Boots.dsf
Fit in dForce Adventurer Knight Boots.dsf
Fit in dForce Biker Boots.dsf
Fit in dForce Gothic Prince Boots.dsf
Fit in dForce Hanfu Boots.dsf
Fit in dForce Outsider Boots.dsf
Fit in dForce Wanderer Boots.dsf
Fit in Hellfire Boots.dsf
Fit in Intergalactic Spy Boots.dsf
Fit in Obsidian Warrior Boots.dsf
Fit in Sci-Fi Settler Boots.dsf
Fit in Time Soldier Boots.dsf
Fit Lumberjack Boots No socks.dsf
Fit Lumberjack Boots.dsf
Fit over Alliance Defense Boots.dsf
Fit over Alpha Male Boots.dsf
Fit over Bounty Boots.dsf
Fit over Demon Master Boots.dsf
Fit over dForce Adventurer Knight Boots.dsf
Fit over dForce Biker Boots.dsf
Fit over dForce Gothic Prince Boots.dsf
Fit over dForce Hanfu Boots.dsf
Fit over dForce Outsider Boots.dsf
Fit over dForce Wanderer Boots.dsf
Fit over Hellfire Boots.dsf
Fit over Intergalactic Spy Boots.dsf
Fit over Obsidian Warrior Boots.dsf
Fit over Sci-Fi Settler Boots.dsf
Fit over Time Soldier Boots.dsf
Fit Retro Aviator Boots.dsf
Fit Templar Boots.dsf
Fit Time Rogue Boots.dsf
Fit Trail Running 4.dsf
Fit Warrior King Boots.dsf

Thank you for your support and I hope you will enjoy this outfit.

DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Required Products:  
Lyones dForce Number 04 for G8M

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