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Flinks Instant Meadow 3 – Autumn Add-on

“Flinks Instant Meadow 3 – Autumn” contains 40 different leaves objects in the Poser format

18 autumn leaves objects with leaves lying flat on the ground

18 autumn leaves objects with different distances from the ground. It looks like they’re scattered across the grass at different heights. The height of the objects should be adjusted to the height of the grass species. If you partially sink them into the ground, the foliage will become less dense.

4 autumn leaves objects with flying leaves

3 autumn grass materials for the grass of “Flinks Instant Meadow 3”

5 ground materials for “Flinks Instant Meadow 3”

The leaves objects match the tiles and small parts of “Flinks Instant Meadow 3” and the 3 extensions (small parts, more tiles, more small parts)
They are intended to be an extension of the Instant Meadow 3 products and unfold their full potential only in combination with these.
But they also work without the basic products. All textures and geometries are included. At least the flat objects can be used on any flat surfaces. The hill objects, for example, exactly match the Grounds of the Instant Meadow 3 products and make no sense without these.
The leaves are modeled resource-efficient as possible and not intended for close-ups

For Poser:

– 40 different autumn leaves props
– 6 predefined sets of tiles (The Instant Meadow 3 packages are required)
– 3 grass materials
– 5 ground materials
– 2 leaves materials
– 17 single leaf materials (one invisible material to make single leaf types invisible)

For OBJ:

If the objects are needed as Wavefront OBJ, they are located in the folder:
And the textures:

For DAZ Studio:

5 ground material presets (Iray)
2 grass material presets (Iray)
1 leaves material preset (Iray)
17 single leaf shaders (one invisible shader to make single leaf types invisible) (Iray)
5 ground shaders (Iray)

Poser 10 / Poser Pro 2014 , Poser Debut, Poser Pro 11

Requirements:  3d software with obj import

Required Products:  
Flinks Instant Meadow 3, Flinks Instant Meadow 3 – Small Parts, Flinks Instant Meadow 3 – More Small Parts, Flinks Instant Meadow 3 – More Tiles

Props for Poser and Daz Studio—autumn-add-on/140138

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