Flying Disk Games Poses and Props


The appeal of playing with a flying disk is that you can throw one any time of year, day or night. This 3D digital set of “Flying Disk Games” has everything you need to let your Genesis 8 characters enjoy the sport – including poses and a flying disk prop. There’s even presets for the Dog 8 basic shape to join in the fun!

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There are a total of 20 poses – 4 single stances for just the Dog 8, 2 two-model vignettes with the Dog 8 (one with the Genesis 8 Female and one with the Genesis 8 Male), 3 single stances for Genesis 8 Female, 1 two-person vignette pose for Genesis 8 Female, 3 single stance poses for Genesis 8 Male, 1 two-person vignette pose for Genesis 8 Male, and 1 two-person vignette pose for Genesis 8 Female & Male.

As always, FeralFey poses are fact checked for balance, gravity, and realism.

But wait! This set includes not one, but THREE flying disk props!! The standard sized “Zippy Flyer”, the larger “Pro Distance Flyer”, and the smaller “Li’l Flyer” (which is perfect for the smaller Dog 8 breeds, or letting your digital characters do trick shot throwing.)

Each flying disk comes with their own distinctive texture, but these textures can be interchanged between the disks, to suit your rendering needs. Also included are dirtied up versions of the disks, some DIY textures with or without labels, and a selection of UFO textures because, yes! These disks come with lights!

As such, there are also multiple lighting preset options available, including an option to remove the lights and their casings should you chose to go with a traditional flying disk look.








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