Frosty and the Matchstick Man HD for Genesis 8 Male(s)


Frosty and the Matchstick Man are here to save you from two of genre renderings longest recurring dilemmas, rendering characters composed of fire and ice.

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Frosty is an HD morph with multiple texture and shaping options.Β  Material presets are provided to control for refractive tastes and additional morphs allow the user to dial out the hd head, shoulder and elbow crystals. A hidden projection morph helps to smoothly fit clothing over Frosty’s jagged body.

The Matchstick Man combines the provided Athletic Hero base shape with a solar flare styled texture map and conforming solar flare eruptions.Β  These conforming flames have a secondary material option for more traditional fire.Β  Multiple cutout map presets are also supplied to change theΒ look of the flames.Β  Style, size and movement morphs round out this portion of the package to allow you to achieve looks for most poses and moods.

Finally the package includes a rigged ice slide and rigged fire trail (which can double for a fire ball and a fire blast).Β  Projectile and morphing halo props are also included.








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