Gabriela 8 Pro Bundle


Gabriela is a colorful, expressive, and spirited young Latin American woman, with a touch of spice. This flair is expressed through colorful clothing, alluring postures, and athletic body shape, which indicates proficiency with traditional Latin American dance styles and celebratory culture, while also allowing her to partake in modern fashion and dance trends.

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Let Gabriela’s character shine through with subtle touches and colorful clothing with a touch of sci-fi fantasy and roleplay. The starter bundle showcases some of her traditional styles with a beautiful up-do hairstyle, combined with modern and expressive clothing.

It’s time for Gabriela to dance, party and celebrate with the Pro Bundle! This set features both festive traditional and active outfits matched perfectly with expressive poses and a hairstyle that combines classic beauty with a modern flair.

Gabriela 8 measurements courtesy ofΒ Measure Metrics for Daz Studio:

  • Height: 5′ 5″ (165.2 cm)
  • Bust Circumference: 32.4″ (82.3 cm)
  • Waist Circumference: 24.6″ (62.5 cm)
  • Low Hip Circumference: 35.1″ (89.2 cm)
  • Gabriela 8
  • Gabriela 8 Starter Bundle
    • Gabriela 8
    • Isabelle for Gabriela 8
    • Sci-Fi Spy Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s)
    • Comfy Shorts Set for Genesis 8 Female
    • Salsa Hair for Gabriela 8
    • Delight Poses for Gabriela 8 and Genesis 8 Female
  • Micaela for Gabriela 8
  • dForce Street Smarts Girl for Genesis 8 Female(s)
  • dForce Fiesta Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s)
  • Isidora Hair for Genesis 8 and Genesis 3 Female(s)
  • Z Feminine Essence Poses and Expressions for Genesis 8 Female and Gabriela 8
  • Genesis 8 Female Anatomical Elements







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