Genesis 8 Cross-Figure Resource Kit


The Genesis 8 Cross-Figure Resource Kit provides the tools and information that enable developers to create conforming content that allows being ‘Fit to’ more than a single supporting figure possible in Daz Studio. For example, a single item that is intended for use on Genesis 8 Female(s) that can also (optionally) be used on Genesis 8 Male(s).

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Would you like your clothing to fit both Genesis 8 Female and Genesis 8 Male? Do you want to add fits for a different Genesis 8 generation shape? With the Genesis 8 Cross-Figure Resource Kit, you can.

This is different than the included β€œAuto-Fit” feature. The Genesis 8 Cross-Figure Resource Kit allows you to project the shapes and skeletal changes of one figure to β€œconformers”, such as clothing, Geo-Grafts and hair – and then save those assets out, allowing your item to fit the β€œwrong” shaped figures.

For content creators, this helps customers use your product across both male and female figures.

As a customer, you can take a product you already own and do the same.








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