Genesis 8 Male Head Morph Resource Kit 1


Introducing the Genesis 8 Male Head Morph Resource Kit 1. This package includes a total of 86 head shaping morphs that can be used to create your own custom Genesis 8 Male characters. Please see the features list for all the included morphs.

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Note: These morphs are based on those in the Genesis 3 Male Head Morph Resource Kit 1, but have been updated and authorized specifically for use with the Genesis 8 Male.

All our Morph Kits are merchant resource packs for the characters for which they were created. This means you may use these morphs in combination with your own modeling or other sources to create new characters for the Genesis 8 Male for resale or brokering.

All morphs are grouped in one convenient place for easy access. All Genesis 8 M Head Morph Resource Kit 1 morphs can be found in the following Genesis 8 Male regions and sub-regions: Actor/Head/HSTW Head Morph Kit 1.

More Genesis 8 Morph Resource Kits to Come!








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