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Grillin’ Poses for Genesis 8


The perfect time to barbecue with friends and family is all the time!  With Grillin’ Poses for Genesis 8, your Female and Male characters enjoy the fun and community of cooking in the outdoors.

Included in the set are 4 Single Stance poses for Genesis 8 Female and Genesis 8 Male base models, as well as 4 meticulously crafted two-person vignette pose presets for both.

In addition, you get a digital hot dog (or bratwurst) wiener prop that comes with both an uncooked and grilled texture option, plus a platter so your character can transport the “dogs” to or from the grill.

Wearable presets are included for these props as well as props found in the Barbeque Props set to make it easy to set up your scenes for rendering.






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