HD Face Wounds for Genesis 3 & 8 Male(s)


“HD FACE WOUNDS for Genesis 3 & 8 Male(s)” is a collection of 10 open facial wounds created through the careful combination of HD morphs and LIE material presets for flesh texturing and optional blood layering.Β  Included is a mirror option for nine wounds, totaling 19 HD Morphs, 19 Wounds LIE Preset and 38 Blood LIE Presets per generation (19 extra Blood LIE Presets have been included for use on dark skin characters)!

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In total, you get 38 HD morphs, 38 wounds LIE Presets, and 76 Blood LIE presets!

These wounds were sculpted taking our L.I.E. FACE SCARS for Genesis 3 & 8 as a reference in order to help your storytelling.Β  Now you can show how your character got the scars that forged him.

Like with our other packs, these can all be combined to help add valuable subtext to your images, allowing you to build characters marked by hardships and pain. But who, ultimately, must wear the badges life has bestowed upon them. Whether they’ll wear them with pride, shame or pain is up to you!

Note: Because each wound was hand-sculpted, expect slight variations between the HD morphs for Generation 3 & 8. It’s vital that you apply the correct LIE Preset for the Generation you’re using, as they account for the sculpt variations as well.









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