HeadShop 12 with LoveChild WIN

Create 3D heads from photographs, and merge two photographs to create one all new 3D head! HeadShop 12 with LoveChild WIN is a Daz Studio plugin that automatically creates 3D heads from your photographs. HeadShop 12 works with Genesis 2, 3 and 8 figures, and outputs modified morph OBJ files and 4096×4096 texture files.

HeadShop has been in development since 2007 and regularly introduces features not found in other photo-to-3D software.

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HeadShop12 runs under the following software:
Windows 10 operating systems, 64-bit only
Daz Studio 4.9 or later, 64-bit version
Genesis (2,3,8) Base (Male and Female), Genesis (2,3,8) Starter Essentials

What’s Included and Features

  • What is new in HeadShop 12?
    • HS12 integrates LoveChild, an additonal piece of sophisticated software that allows the morphing between two photos to create a third image. A slider can regulate the degree of resemblance to one or the other photo.
    • New way of creating and exporting Age, Weight or Smile shape morphs.
    • New guide to help with the blending of face and skin tones.

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 8 Female, Genesis 8 Male, Genesis 3 Female, Genesis 3 Male, Genesis 2 Female, Genesis 2 Male

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.12

Install Types:

Manual Install




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