Hearth & Home Genesis 8 Female


Fifteen various poses are included to get your Genesis 8 Female moving around the intricate 22 Parker Road bundle.
The poses are carefully matched to fixtures spread across all three levels of the deluxe home.Β  Poses are grouped by floor number.
Supporting scene tweaking poses are matched to the figure poses by name, and have a small gear badge on their icons. To apply, find the item on your scene tab which matches the last word in the pose name, and click to apply.

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Note that any poses requiring a handheld object will both fully equip and fully pose your Genesis 8 chararcter.
There’s also a Zero All pose to reset Genesis 8 to world origin.
Included isΒ a full preload scene with a handy bonus:Β  Complex sets like 22 Parker Road can be a bit disorienting to move around, so theΒ scene includes a comprehensive set of location snaps, sorted by level, to help you quickly position any figure to one of the houses’s many action locations.Β  Simply load your figure, parent it to the chosen snap, and zero the figure’s translations to land close to where you want to be.









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