High Mountain Portal


The High Mountain Portal Set gets you a magic stone portal atop a large rock that works either as floating island or high mountain.

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The product offers two distinct texture sets – A mossy mountain with a normal stone portal or a volcanic mountain with lots of lava glowing ember roots and dark portal stones.

All Props are placed around the world origin in a way that the top of the portal steps is exactly at the origin so figures load right there for easy use. In addition all props can be loaded individually to configure how your mountain portal looks.

The Portal and steps also come as separate preload that combines well with other environment sets.

The center of the magic portal is made up of two outer portal planes that have some sculpted irregularities and a centered plane that can hold either glowing runes or an image of a distant place to which the portal leads. Four separate distant world images are provided, but you can easily place one of your own renders on this plane.

The runes on the portal stones are provided as a shell and have two presets: blue and flame colored.









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