iCan SPY Poses for The Brute 8 (TB8) in Daz Studio

iCan SPY is the ultimate variety of poses for almost any spy versus spy storylines, and just perfect for your Agent 007 creations or just about any other action scene. Your characters can be saving civilians with their fighting techniques, or working undercover to discover the secret plans of enemy forces. In the air or on the ground, these spy poses have the moves for whatever occasion you are creating. To ensure maximum compatability with the many environments and props available for Daz Studio, this set of 20 poses have been constructed in neutral positions that are not specific to other products so they can easily be adjusted to almost any scene and accessory.

POSES Include:
01. Binocular Watch (Laying on ground observing enemy)
02. Block Defense (defensive posture to block punch)
03. Crawling Under (Crawling under fence or barrier)
04. Hanging One Hand (Hanging from Copter/Pipe)
05. Hanging Two Hands (Hanging from Rope/Tree)
06. Hiding Around Corner (Quietly peering for passers by)
07. Kicking Door (Using foot to kick down door or enemy)
08. Leaping Off (Leaping from top of building or flying aircraft)
09. Oh Watta Night (Laying with arms crossed above head)
10. Punch Right (Swinging right arm to hit)
11. Shoulder Door (attempting to break open locked door)
12. Sitting Bound (Seated pose with hands behind back)
13. Sitting Grasped (Seated pose with hands grasped)
14. Sitting Ground (Seated on floor, grass, crate)
15. Sky Dive Fast (Arms/Legs swept back)
16. Sky Dive Slow (Arms/legs outward)
17. Sniper Lay (Laying on ground to shoot rifle)
18. Standing Bound (Standing up with hands behind back)
19. Standing Shoot (Leaning forward and aiming/firing weapon)
20. Tightrope Walk (balance on line with no bar in hand)

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Software: Β 
Daz Studio 4

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Male

Requirements: Β The Brute 8 for G8M

3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio



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