iCan SWEAT Poses for Genesis 8 Female (G8F) in Daz Studio

Look into the mirror of life and tell me what you see. This set of 28 poses for Genesis 8 Female cover a wide variety of work outs that are great for getting into shape or maintaining a healthy body.

“I used to hate mirrors because they show everything like it really is. I have finally learned how to sweat off the pounds and maintain good physical health, and the mirror is now my friend.” signed, Genesis 8 Female

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Poses Include:
01 Push Ups
02 Lower Back Stretch
03 Side Plank
04 Reverse Bridges
05 Reverse Crunches
06 Mountain Climbers
07 Knee Lift Touches
08 Squats
09 Side Kicks
10 Leg-lifts to Back
11 Squat Jacks
12 Jumping Jacks Up
13 Leg-Lifts Laying
14 Shoulder Stretch Back
15 Abs Only Crunch
16 Abs Roll to Side
17 Abs Arms Over Head
18 Mid-Air Crunches
19 Mid-Air to Side
20 Neck and Stretch
21 Neck and Crunch
22 Reach and Crunch
23 Legs and Back Crunch
24 Elbow Plank
25 Face Down Pointers
26 One-handed Push Ups
27 Lunges
28 Leg-lifts to Front

Daz Studio 4

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio



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