Industrial Loft Dining Room Decoration Add-on

This Add-on is a must-have for your Industrial Loft Dining Room.

Decorations in the Industrial Loft Dining Room Decoration Add-on are saved as a subset and can be entirely loaded into the Dining Room Scene.

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Props include Suitcases, Clock, Wine Bottles, Books, Radio, Dining sets, Boxes, Plants, and small little accoutrements to every day life, each of which is available as “Placed” and “Use Everywhere.”

This product is also great as a stand alone or in your other environments where design-minded characters live!

What’s Included and Features

  • ISDL Placed Decoration for Dining Room as Scene Subset
  • Objects Placed:
    • ILDS Blackboard
    • ILDS Books 1
    • ILDS Books 2
    • ILDS Cutlery on Sideboard
    • ILDS Dinnerware
    • ILDS Ketchup Set
    • ILDS Magazines
    • ILDS Palette
    • ILDS Plates on Sideboard
    • ILDS Radio
    • ILDS Suitcase Big
    • ILDS Suitcase Middle Size*
    • ILDS Suitcase Small
    • ILDS Table Lamp
    • ILDS Wall Clock
    • ILDS Wine Bottles
    • ILDS Wood Box
  • Plants Placed:
    • ILDS 3 Grass Pots
    • ILDS Decoration wit Flowers
    • ILDS Indoor Palmtree
    • ILDS Small Bamboo Plant
  • Objects Use Everywhere:
    • ILDS Flower Decoration UE
    • ILDS 3 Grass Pots UE
    • ILDS Bamboo Plant UE
    • ILDS Blackboard UE
    • ILDS Books 1 UE
    • ILDS Books 2 UE
    • ILDS Cutlery in Pot
    • ILDS Dinnerware UE
    • ILDS Ketchup Set UE
    • ILDS Magazines UE
    • ILDS Palette UE
    • ILDS Palmtree Indoor UE
    • ILDS Plates UE
    • ILDS Radio UE
    • ILDS Suitcase Big UE
    • ILDS Suitcase Middle Size UE
    • ILDS Suitcase Small UE
    • ILDS Table Lamp UE
    • ILDS Wall Clock UE
    • ILDS Wine Bottle UE
    • ILDS Wood Box UE
  • 241 Texture images: from 64 x 512 px to 4096 x4096 px sized (Diffuse Map, Bump Map, Specular Map, Gloss Map and Normal Map)

Compatible Figures:


Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.12

Required Products:

Industrial Loft Dining Room

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install




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