Inked Vol.20: Celebrity Edition for Genesis 8 Females


Inked Vol.20: Celebrity Edition is a collection of Tattoos and Skin Art that can be applied to any Genesis 8 Female Character using Daz Studio’s Layered Image Editor. You can apply as many Tattoos as you want, just keep in mind that some Tattoos may overlay each other. Gone are the days of manually editing textures for each different character every time you want to add a little something extra, Inked does it for you!

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Included in this Package:

50Β Texture Maps for Genesis 8 Female(s)

15 Tattoos to apply on theΒ Torso of a Genesis 8 Female(s)
08 Tattoos to apply on the Torso of a Genesis 8 Female(s)
02 Tattoos to apply on the Face of a Genesis 8 Female(s)

Most of these are Daz Studio Layered Material Presets (.DUF)








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