Iray Furniture Shaders


Iray Furniture Shaders is a set of 50 full shaders and 19 partials to help give your furniture and various prop pieces realistic and unique textures while using Daz Studio 4.8 Iray. All the shaders in this set are new and NOT part of any of my other shader packs that are available in my store.

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There are 10 groups / folders under Iray furniture shaders: 0-Partials, 1-Striped Fabric, 2-Basket Weave, 3-Rough Leather, 4-Wood, 5-Plain Cloth, 6-Smooth Metals,
7-Plastics, 8-Glass, and 9-Subtle Fabrics.

Each group has 5 shaders each with the exception of Partial Shaders because there are actually 19 shaders in that group and the Wood shaders has 10 options.

The Metal, Plastics, Glass shaders do NOT use the normal and bump maps so the partial shaders that adjust those two options will not apply to them.








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