Iray MetalWorx

Iray MetalWorx is a suite of over 70 shaders including a wide veriety of metals of varying ages and damage states. From peeling paint to heavy rust, perfectly polished gold to abstract machinery, MetalWorx has you covered. Tiling and normal-strength utilities have also been included to safe sifting through shader parameters.

All shaders have been made with PBR Metallicity workflow, and should port easily to other PBR engines, should you choose to do so.

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What’s Included and Features

  • Iray MetalWorx (.DUF)
  • Aged:
    • KAMW Aged Paint A Black
    • KAMW Aged Paint A Blue
    • KAMW Aged Paint A Green
    • KAMW Aged Paint A Red
    • KAMW Aged Paint A White
    • KAMW Aged Paint A Yellow
    • KAMW Aged Paint B Black
    • KAMW Aged Paint B Blue
    • KAMW Aged Paint B Green
    • KAMW Aged Paint B Red
    • KAMW Aged Paint B White
    • KAMW Aged Paint B Yellow
  • Clean:
    • KAMW Brass
    • KAMW Bronze
    • KAMW Chrome
    • KAMW Copper
    • KAMW Galvanized Steel
    • KAMW Rose Gold
    • KAMW Rough Aluminium
    • KAMW Steel
    • KAMW Yellow Gold
  • Floor:
    • KAMW Diamond Plate Floor
    • KAMW Dot Plate Floor
    • KAMW Metal Grid Floor
    • KAMW Perforated Metal Floor
    • KAMW Weave Plate Floor
  • Machinery:
    • KAMW Machinery A
    • KAMW Machinery B
    • KAMW Machinery C
    • KAMW Machinery D
    • KAMW Machinery E
  • Peeling:
    • KAMW Peeling Paint A Black
    • KAMW Peeling Paint A Blue
    • KAMW Peeling Paint A Green
    • KAMW Peeling Paint A Pink
    • KAMW Peeling Paint A Red
    • KAMW Peeling Paint A White
    • KAMW Peeling Paint A Yellow
    • KAMW Peeling Paint B Black
    • KAMW Peeling Paint B Blue
    • KAMW Peeling Paint B Green
    • KAMW Peeling Paint B Pink
    • KAMW Peeling Paint B Red
    • KAMW Peeling Paint B White
    • KAMW Peeling Paint B Yellow
    • KAMW Peeling Paint C Black
    • KAMW Peeling Paint C Blue
    • KAMW Peeling Paint C Green
    • KAMW Peeling Paint C Pink
    • KAMW Peeling Paint C Red
    • KAMW Peeling Paint C White
    • KAMW Peeling Paint C Yellow
  • Rusted:
    • KAMW Heavily Rusted Steel
    • KAMW Light Rusted Steel
    • KAMW Rough Rusted Steel
    • KAMW Rusted Cast Iron
    • KAMW Rusted Iron
    • KAMW Rusted Metal Base
    • KAMW Rusty Paint Black
    • KAMW Rusty Paint Blue
    • KAMW Rusty Paint Green
    • KAMW Rusty Paint Red
    • KAMW Rusty Paint White
    • KAMW Rusty Paint Yellow
  • Textured:
    • KAMW Brass TX
    • KAMW Bronze TX
    • KAMW Chrome TX
    • KAMW Copper TX
    • KAMW Galvanized Steel TX
    • KAMW Rose Gold TX
    • KAMW Rough Aluminium TX
    • KAMW Steel TX
    • KAMW Yellow Gold TX
  • Textures Include:
    • 154 Texture, Diffuse, Normal, Roughness and Gloss Maps(4096 x 4096)

Compatible Figures:


Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.11

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install




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