Iray Texture Expansion for Halloween Lantern

Product Description: Now Iray users can make use of 1971s’ new “Halloween Lantern” model, as this expansion set adds new PBR textures to it. Each element: skeleton, post, metal, glass, ropes, terrain, ferns, and mushrooms all load separately, so they can be mixed and matched. These 2k mats were assembled and applied in Substance Painter, and are detailed for close-ups as well as distant shots. And with the 93 included maps, a great deal of variety for each individual texture can be attained with just some minor tweaking in the Surfaces Panel.

All promo images are DAZ Studio 4.11 raw renders. The only postwork performed was the addition of the text.

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System Requirements:

Iray Texture Expansion for 1971s’ Halloween Lantern requires the following –

Halloween Lantern by 1971s
DAZ Studio 4.11 Iray (This is for Iray ONLY!)
This texture set was tested on a PC with the Iray render engine
This texture set was NOT tested with the 3DL render engine
This texture set has NOT been tested on a Mac
This texture set has NOT been tested in Poser

DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Requirements:  Daz Studio w/ Iray

Required Products:  
Halloween Lantern

3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio



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