iREAL Animated Ocean Water System


Wow. Just wow. You have to see this to believe it (click on promo video below).

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A piece of Hollywood VFX technology brought to Daz Studio!

Ever wonder how production films create massive CGI ocean scenes? Well, this is it. The same technology that brought you movies such as Captain Phillips, Life of Pi, and Hereafter, is now made available to Daz Studio artists. Generated from the same applications used in high budget films– applications costing thousands of dollarsβ€”these animated ocean planes (complete with aniBlocks and material presets) will bring new life to your ocean scenes and waterscapes.

Plus they’re so easy to use!

100% Tileable! Tile them side-by-side to seamlessly create a vast water scape environment* (each grid is 1,000cm x 1,0000cm square)

100% Loopable! Loops seamlessly in Animate2 (120 frames per loop @25fps), and can be manipulated just like any other object.

Don’t do animations? Just need still art? No problem. Just don’t add the aniBlocks; the oceans will just be static objects (Note, for animating the oceans, Animate2 will be required).








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