Isolation Offices Props for Daz Studio

This is a static props set for Daz Studio.

Self-isolate without feeling lonely in the isolation offices. Meet in the centre to hold meetings, have lunch together or discuss anything without exposing each other to any virus. (Because everyone is safely behind glass.)

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– Office Structure with walls, corner desk and speakers fixed onto the structure.
– Desk and Chair
– All-in-one PC with wireless keyboard, mouse, mousepad
– Pot Plant (for company)

Except for the office structure all the props are loose and can be freely moved and used in / with other sets.

Three stand-alone outside walls are provided if you want to enclose the office structure:
– Blank wall
– Wall with a window
– Wall with a sliding door entrance (this is a static prop with no moveable parts).

The wall objects have an inside wall and an outside wall material zone. The inside wall has a skirting board and the provided materials change the colour of the walls and skirting boards. The outside wall remains a beige-like colour. If you’re not seeing the colour change or the skirting board – rotate the wall on the Y axis (90 or 180).

Separate Iray and 3Delight materials are provided in 4 colours:
– White / Grey
– Light Pink
– Light Green
– Light Blue

The props load with the Iray materials.

1 Complete office scene with Iray materials.
1 Complete office scene with 3Delight materials.

Daz Studio 4

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