iV Crazed Poses & Expressions

Product Description:

20 Amazing Crazed Poses Mirrors 240 partial poses 20 very realisitic Face Expressions
This pose and face expression collection is a must have for your Dramatic or Halloween Renders.
The expression dials and presets work independently of each other and that makes it possible to create
new expressions by just sliding and mixing several expression dials and giving them different parameter values
Each pose and expression crafted with attention to detail and realism!
Mix & Match and have lots of Fun with these included partial pose & expresson dials
The possibilities are endless…..

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What is included:

20 Crazed Full Body Poses Mirrors
20 Upper Body Poses Mirrors
20 Lower Body Poses Mirrors
20 Arm Left Poses Mirrors
20 Arm Right Poses Mirrors
20 Left Leg Poses Mirrors
20 Right Leg Poses Mirrors
1 Reset Pose

This makes a Total of 280 poses

20 Crazed Face Expressions both Presets and Dials based

1 Reset for the face Expression Presets
1 Reset for the face Expression Dials
1 Reset for Both the face Expression Dials and Presets

List of Expressions names:
-iVCZ Agitated
-iVCZ Attack Plot
-iVCZ Bitter
-iVCZ Crazed
-iVCZ Deranged
-iVCZ Devious
-iVCZ Discust
-iVCZ Distraught
-iVCZ Enraged
-iVCZ Fearful
-iVCZ Frenzied
-iVCZ Gonna Blow Up
-iVCZ Grudge
-iVCZ Killer
-iVCZ Lunatic
-iVCZ Mad
-iVCZ Paranoid
-iVCZ Phobia
-iVCZ Shocked
-iVCZ Unhinged

DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio



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