Japanese Tree Room Cyber Textures Add-On


“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last… you create what you will.”Β -George Bernard Shaw.

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Cyber Tree Room is a texture add-on for the “Japanese Tree Room”. This pack takes the traditional and gives it a spin, transforming the familiar into something unfamiliar, fun and full of possibilities.

This pack contains enough material presets to create the perfect set to any story. Whether you want to go full-on sci-fi, grungy cyberpunk or even a modern work of art, our textures have you covered!

To help you get started, we’ve included six Hierarchical Materials Presets showcasing different styles and combinations. Remember that you’ll need to load the “Japanese Tree Room” scene included in the required products. Then you can apply the Hierarchical Material Presets to see your scene change with a click!

The Monochromatic Hierarchical Material Preset is especially useful for those who want to explore their own color pallet, with the textures left in a state of a blank canvas so you can either use the presets to start building your look, or play with the colors via the surface panel inside the comfort of Daz 3D Studio.

Additionally, we’ve included three props as a bonus: a low table, a low chair and a hologram. The table and chair also have enough material zones to help you give it a style of your choosing. Like with the “Japanese Tree Room”, camera presets and render-settings have also been included to get the most out of these textures!









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