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JDS lilflame & Sveva Smart Content Pack


This JDS Smart Content Pack was created to honor the awesome team of lilflame and Sveva. Their combined efforts have produced fabulous creations all found here in the Renderosity Market Place.

This pack contains the required smart content metadata for 32 G3F products produced by lilflame & Sveva, plus 15 Add-On texture packs produced by Sveva, Anagord, crender, P3D-Art, ShanasSoulmate, kaleya & vyktohria.

There is a big push in the Daz Studio world to encourage the use of the Smart Content feature, very few if any of the vendors outside of ever include Smart Content metadata with their products.
One of the reasons is that it is more difficult to install than simply unzipping the files into the correct folder. I have come up with a method that makes a little less painful and you can read all about it on the Editorial tab.

This pack contains Smart Content Metadata for the following G3F products and Texture Add-Ons:
Posh Style for Genesis 3 Females
Summer Glam for Genesis 3 Females
Devious Dress for Genesis 3 Females
Fantasy Wraps for Genesis 3 Female(s)
Unlimited for Genesis 3 Female(s)
Curious Dress for Genesis 3 Female(s)
Blaze Bikini for Genesis 3 Female(s)
Unity for Genesis 3 Females
Elegant Envy for Genesis 3 Females
Hyper Outfit for Genesis 3 Females
Lingerie Lotus for Genesis 3 Females
Confidential for Genesis 3 Females
Lace Temptation for Genesis 3 Females
Attention Outfit for Genesis 3 Females
Eleganza Jumpsuit for Genesis 3 Females
Summer Wraps for Genesis 3 Females

Hot Pepper Boots for Genesis 3 Females
Minx Pumps for Genesis 3 Females
Peeptoe Pumps for Genesis 3 Females

Texture Add-Ons:
SWIM Couture for Posh Style
Racy for Summer Glam G3
Vogue for Minx Pumps G3
Mirabel for Devious Dress G3
Vogue for Peep Toe Pumps G3
Off Limits for Unlimited G3F
Curiosity for Curious Dress G3F(s)
Tropical for Blaze Bikini
Ace for Unity Genesis 3 Females
Secrets for Elegant Envy
Hex for Hyper Outfit
Secrets for Lingerie Lotus
Exposed for Confidential
Secrets for Lace Temptation
Maniac for Attention
Sassy for Eleganza Jump Suit
Boho Chic Summer Wraps
Elven for Fantasy Wraps G3F
Summer Fun for Swimming Pool Deck
Hot For Blaze Bikini
LUST – Confidential for Genesis 3 Females
Charm Confidential






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