JMR dForce Alisha Long Dress for G8F

This is a sexy long dress.
Outfit includes 2 parts: Top, Dress.


Installation & Usage Instructions:

To make sure all content gets installed properly, unzip the files directly to your DAZ Studio library.
For example: “DAZ Studio/My Library” or “DAZ Studio/Content”

1 Load Genesis 8 Female.
2 Go to People -> Genesis 8 Female-> Clothing -> JMR dForce Alisha Long Dress.
3 Load the clothing by double-clicking on the outfit parts.
4 Material Presets are located in “Iray Materials” within the outfit parent directory.


Morphs Included:

Bodybuilder Size
Body Size
Fitness Size
Pear Figure
Breasts Diameter
Breasts Gone
Breasts Implants
Breasts Implants L
Breasts Implants R
Breasts Size
Breasts Small
Breasts Under Curve
Glutes Size
Glutes Lower Depth
Glutes Upper Depth
Hip Size

Aiko 8
Karyssa 8
Mika 8
Sakura 8
Alexandra 8
Bridget 8
Charlotte 8
Gia 8
MeiLin 8
Monique 8
Olympia 8
Penny 8
Stephanie 8
Teen Josie 8
Teen Jane 8
Teen Raven 8
Tika 8
Victoria 8
Zelara 8
Sydney 8
Kala 8
Ellithia 8
Kanade 8
Gabriela 8
Babina 8
Leisa 8
Robyn 8
Darcy 8
CJ 8

ESS Arusha G8 /Essentials/
ESS Kiana G8 /Essentials/
ESS Tate G8 /Essentials/
Dracarys /Sangriart/
Osuine /Sangriart/
Emmeline Adult /Sangriart/
Olesya /Sangriart/
Evenstar /Sangriart/
Margreta /Sangriart/
Lexy /Mousso/
Albany /Mousso, DAZ3D/
Grace Yong /Rarestone, DAZ3D/
Yanushka /RedAnt/
SC Jasmine /secondcircle/
SC Moon /secondcircle/
Tenley /Sabby,Seven/
Rozy HD /Emrys, DAZ3D/
Klementyna /KobaAlexander/
Delma /KobaAlexander/
Michelle HD /Kayleyss, Daz3D/

Other morphs fit automatically through auto-follow in Daz Studio.

Software: Β 
DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY, Daz Studio 4.10 + (required for dForce)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio

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