Josh for Genesis 8 Male


Josh is an older, good looking teen boy character.

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He comes with custom head and body morphs, additional custom full body morphs (body slim and muscular), several partial body morphs to adjust his shape and lots of material options.

Included are 10 realistic eye colors, different skin tone options, 2 eye lashes styles in different colors (black, brown, dark blond), 3 eye brows in different colors (black, brown, dark blond), an arm veins option and also a no brows preset so that you can use other eye brows if you like. The Eyebrows are Diffuse Overlays and you can change the color to any color by changing the Diffuse Overlay Color.

Since he is based on Genesis 8 Male, you can use any compatible material or morph with him to make him even more unique.

No other products are required.

Body measurements courtesy ofΒ Measure Metrics for Daz Studio:

  • Height – 5.67 ft / 173 cm
  • Waist Circ. – 29.22 in / 74 cm
  • Bust Circ. – 34.71 in / 88 cm








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